Readmission Interest Form

Hello! This form should be completed if you are interested in returning to Guttman Community College after time away. To complete this application, you must have already been accepted to Guttman & registered for at least one semester of classes. (If you are a new student - please visit the Admissions page of our website for more information on how to apply to Guttman.)

If you are looking to return to Guttman, please note that you must complete the readmission application process by attending on of our Readmission Completion Day events. The first step is to complete the form below and schedule a time to attend one of the programs.

What is your first name?
What is your last name?
What is your EMPILID number? - Found on the back of your Guttman ID card. If you do not know, type I don't know.
What was the last semester you were enrolled in classes at Guttman? - Include the semester (Fall or Spring) and Year
What semester would you like to return to Guttman? - Include the semester (Fall or Spring) and Year. If you would like to return the next session you are eligible, please type ASAP.
If you worked with one of the advisors listed below, select their name.

My major at Guttman is:
What is the best phone number to reach you at?
What is the best email to reach you at?
Please select any of the statements below that apply to you.

If you've been working with an advisor on your readmit application, please indicate his or her name below.
Please register for one of the Readmission Completion Day events below (This program is designed to assist students with completing the necessary steps to be considered for readmission)