Campus Visit Information Session 2023- 2024

Please fill out the form below to request a Campus Visit Information Session at Guttman Community College.  A form is required for all requests.

Campus Visit Information Sessions at Guttman Community College are unique and designed to allow educators the opportunity to support seniors as they satisfy the Group Information Session requirement in our admission process. Students will learn about what makes Guttman unique, our top-notch academic programs and experience a community that cultivates student learning.

Please note:

  • Only educators from schools and community-based organizations are able to submit a request.  If you are not a High School or community-based organization educator with a group of prospective students, please explore Visit Us. 
  • Each visit must have a minimum of 8/maximum of 25 seniors. Both the Campus Visit Information Session and Guttman Information Session offer very similar content. Unless students wish to, there is no need for students to attend both sessions. If you have special circumstances ,please refer to Section 2 for additional information.  
  • Campus Visit Information Sessions are an hour and thirty minutes long and are treated as group sessions (Visits include an icebreaker, detailed presentation, and additional interactive activities for students). 
  • Please allow up to 3 business days to receive communication regarding your request

Section 1 – Educator’s Information

First Name
Last Name
Name of High School or Organization
Best Daytime Phone Number (Questions regarding request)
Name and Phone Number of Contact Person (Day of visit, if different)
What type of Campus Visit are you requesting? - Virtual Campus Visit Information Sessions: All participants should have individual access to the presentation link and display their first and last name for identification and attendance purposes. Cameras should be turned on. We ask that educators indicate their title before their display name.
I am aware that this visit it strictly for seniors.
How many students will attend? - Pleas note campus visits can only accommodate a minimum of 8 and maximum of 25 students.
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Please select your time preference - On Thursdays, only 12:30pm - 2:00pm slot available
If the times listed above are not convenient to you please indicate a time that will be best for you and your students.
Section 2 - Please share if there are areas you would like us to personalize within the campus visit experience. In addition, educators with special circumstances please provide explanation below.