Wonderful!!! I am delighted you would like to stay connected with Guttman.


As the college continues to develop and expand the alumni association, our goal is simple, to increase your engagement with Guttman and each other. This could range from letting us know how you are doing, to bestowing some wisdom to current students or being an alumni representative at a college event. Your participation can be as little or as much as you feel comfortable, hopefully, as the association matures your involvement will grow.


Plus, I would like to be able to reach you, to send you The Legacy (alumni newsletter), invitations to events, and provide you with various college / alumni updates.


Your contact information can change instantly, so in order to ensure the alumni database is as accurate as possible, I ask that you take a few minutes to complete this form.


Additionally, as a gift to our alumni, the college is currently not charging any association fees or charging you to attend any alumni events, so to participate in an event you must fill out this form at least once.


Kindly note, with the forming of the Alumni Representative Committee (ARC) at the end of this year that the above policies may change.


You may continuously update this form to let me know what is new with you or what you would be interested in.


Please, check your e-mails, the alumni website, and social media – keep me, the college informed and stay in touch!!!


LaToya Jackson, Manager of Events and Alumni Relations


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